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Power Moves of Freecell game explained

Most people know the rules for the most interesting game Freecell, but not everyone knows the Power Moves of the game. Understanding the power moves is quite essential to win the game. If you know how power work moves, you ultimately increase the chances of winning Freecell and the game turns more exciting.

A power move in Freecell is also known as super move and is basically a short cut move. It helps you place the cards in a sequence in just a single move rather than going for several single moves.

Of course, it is not a special move. It is just a simpler move or a short cut to use the cards in a sequence in a single move rather than shuffling between several moves utilizing empty columns and free cells available.

The exact number of cards that you can shift in a power move entirely depends on the number of empty columns and freecells available. Some Freecell games do not use this in correct manner and allows you to shift any number of cards in a particular sequence.

But this is absolutely wrong. If you are not able to shift the sequence using separate card moves, then you will not be able to progress the sequence with the help of power move either.

A Freecell super move utilizes the free cells and empty columns to its fullest so that the players can shift maximum cards. You can use the below mentioned formula to calculate how many cards you can move.

1+ no. of empty freecells)*2 (no. of empty columns)

This formula will yield results through which you can understand that you are shifting the sequence towards the non empty columns available. If you are shifting to an empty column, that means the column you are shifting to will not be counted as an empty column.

You can break down a Freecell power move into numerous individual moves. A power move always utilizes empty columns and free cells available. It will not consider any other cards available in the tableau. This also means you can shift to a longer sequence through breaking and shifting yourself or making several power moves.

If you are aware of these short cut moves, you can always shift longer sequences and increase the chance of winning harder freecells in the game.

The game becomes interesting when you understand the game properly. The key is to use freecells judiciously. They should be utilized as a temporary storage which is meant to store cards for a short time and continue moving longer sequences.

Make sure you make safe moves. There are certain moves in the game that you can use anytime in the game and you are sure that you are not going to get trapped in the game.

You should try to empty columns as they help you shift longer sequences in the game. The sequence size that you can move in Freecell entirely depends on the number of empty columns and free cells available. The more empty columns and free cells you have, the longer sequence you can shift.